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Best Flowers for Mothers Day

Best Flowers for Mother’s Day in 2019 Mothers are priceless treasures, right? Their titillating personality mix of love, care and compassion are way beyond human understanding. Most interestingly, when things go awry, mothers will go out of their way to help their kids. Considering their immense love, it’s obviously impossible to reward mothers for their unconditional love and sacrifices. The good thing is: as Mother’s Day is slowly setting in, don’t fret if you’d like to smite your mom with a memorable gift. There’s something special that

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Flower Shops In Nairobi – Nairobi Premier Florist

Need a good flower shop In Nairobi? The Red Petal Florists are the go-to florists. Let me dare you… The clock is mercilessly ticking while the sun is rising steadily. Your long-awaited event is finally here. You promised your dear guests heaven on earth, but as time goes by; you don’t have any flowers to show for it. Your heartbeat increases; threatening to pop out of your chest, as your eyes glance around hoping to catch the slightest sight of attractive flowers. The distance between you and

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IFTEX 2018 Nairobi

THE RED PETAL FLORISTS STYLISHLY GRACE IFTEX 2018 The business world revolves around two critical principles: exposure and networking. Apparently, this philosophy fits into the flower business as well. Such golden opportunities reside in exclusive events or well-organized expos that connect like -minded individuals pursuing a particular course. As such, when it comes to the flower industry, The Annual International Flower Trade Flower Expo (IFTEX) offers the one-in-a-million opportunity for florists, flower buyers and Growers to connect with other players to support each other and share invaluable

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International Flower Trade Expo-2016

airobi to hosts yet again the International Flower Trade Expo 5th edition, 2016 With the decision to hold the flower expo yet again in the Kenyan soil, it is indisputable that we are a renowned country at the international level for producing quality cut flowers. Having been selected for the third time, consecutively. It is in no doubt that we are the best in Africa. This years’ event, taking place from June 8-11 to be held at the state-of-the-art Visa Oshwal Center,

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Mzurrie Flowers

f all flower growers in Kenya, Mzurrie Flowers notably stands out among all. With it’s main specialty being roses, the company is powered by its four farms namely, Winchester farm, Maji Mazuri Farm, Molo River Roses and its newest baby, Bahati farm in Karen. Mzurrie Flowers also prides itself with over 22 variety of roses under propagation. This gives it quite a big margin compared to other farms countrywide. The species includes both Standard roses and spray roses. The four farms are

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Valentine’s Day Nairobi-The RED Petal Florists

he big relationships day-Valentine's Day, is almost here and it Seems it came from nowhere. It's a special day for the love birds. The day to be playful and loving. A day to openly show your love to the people you care. As the premier florists in Nairobi, we are here to make sure your loved ones feel that cherished and thought about. e have created a spectacular way to say "I love you" with our charming flower bouquets. We are offering exclusive accompaniments and gifts including chocolates, fine

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Flower Care Tips

Nothing brightens up a room like a vase of beautiful fresh flowers. Did you know, scientists have proven that flowers have a therapeutic importance. Knowing how to keep the blooms for longer is a thing, not known to many. It's always everyone wish to do so though. As the best flower shop in Nairobi, we have compiled to you top notch flower care tips. This will greatly help you have the flowers for longer.Deciding either to push their death date. Closer or further all depends on you. And

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Best Guide On Sending Flowers Same-Day In Nairobi

Best Guide On Sending Flowers Same-Day In Nairobi Sending Flowers Same-Day In Nairobi. There is nothing better and more exciting in life than receiving an unexpected bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or just a random flower delivery to say “am Thinking about you”. A floral gift always makes your heart sing, and your home look beautiful. We offer a wide flower delivery service in Nairobi, Kenya. Offering only the best. Amazingly this and much more is just a

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International Floriculture Trade Expo 2015

narguable, The International Floriculture Trade  Expo(IFTEX) is already the next big thing in the history of fresh-cut flowers. It’s so far the biggest Expo on fresh cut flowers in Africa and the  third in the world. Its reach and influence continues to grow day by day with it’s Nairobi edition having over 40 participating countries. Founded by the HPP president, Mr. Dick Van Raamsdonk, the show involves both the  buyers, growers, suppliers, brokers, propagators and exporters. The first Lady of Kenya, Ms. Margaret Kenyatta having a

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Choosing Funeral Flowers- Nairobi

Flowers symbolize different meanings and emotions. Flowers help say the words that are on most cases difficult to say. And even help symbolize the words in the best way possible. One can never go wrong with flowers. While choosing for funeral flowers in Nairobi can be so difficult in such distressing times, We at The RED Petal Florists are always there for you during this times. This type stands on its own. Can be comfortably used on a memorial service or on the graveside near the

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