//Nairobi Flower Delivery Service

Nairobi Flower Delivery Service

Thinking of sending flowers to Nairobi. Maybe Today? Our Flower deliver service in Nairobi make all this simple for you. We truly understand the challenges and tend to make it stress free for you. Will also give you a chance to rate us on our social Media.  This will greatly help others who would wish to use the service.


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Shopping for flowers can be much of a hustle in Nairobi, Especially if you don’t fully know you way around the city. Which is a challenge to most people.

Comprehending the city’s environs may sometime involve you knowing each name of each street, names of different corner shops in town. I sometimes also get lost as I mingle in streets too.

Locating the flower shop may be even harder for anyone.

This may bring a challenge when you want to buy flowers.

It may even cause disturbing nightmares finding yourself with the wrong type of flowers and subsequently of poor quality.

Sometimes you fight the urge and decide to pass by that vendor you saw on the streets the other day. Am sure he will give whatever he thinks is right. And what is available. Without having a second thought about it.

It’s after when you get to present the flowers you realize some marks were lost in the purchase. You didn’t perfect it as you wished.

With the changing times and changing working and shopping environments, it came as a responsibility for us to move along with it.

After some hard decisions, we decided to take Nairobi’s best flower shop from the tills to the web. While still maintaining the quality we are renowned for.

This was aimed to help us reach the masses that quench daily for the beautiful flowers. This was in the same line in  maintaining contact with our diehard clients, who are sometimes away from their families but tend to keep strong contacts with their loved ones and families back in Nairobi, Kenya. We come in handy in such times. They truly trust no one else when it comes to that. We are always there whenever they need us.
Sending flowers to Nairobi can be so easy if you make the right choice. The choice of making us  your flower choice. At The RED Petal Florists, we give you the guarantee of 100% satisfaction whenever you shop with us.

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Nairobi’s Premium flower delivery service. Flower delivery In Nairobi.

We handle each of our clients with utmost care, keeping your personal choice and preference at hand every time.

Over the years, we have managed to perfect this art. Nothing, neither no-one, beats us when it comes to Flowers.

Each occasion is handled professionally, by our dedicated florists, in its own unique way. From birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, love and romance, even that flower just to wish someone a good day. We have perfected it all.

Located at the heart of the city gives us unaltered access to the best blooms far and wide in our country Kenya. Flowers are sourced as far as kericho and as close as Kiambu. We handpick only the best from the  numerous award winning flower farms in Kenya. This is per our unaltered mission to provide only the best.

Flower delivery in Nairobi can never be any  more fun.

Our Purchase department ensures the flowers sourced surpass the minimum required quality levels which are at all times, the best quality in the markets.

Flowers are delivered each Morning. This ensures we only prepare the lovely bouquets with only the freshest flowers. Flowers are also delivered at Bud stage. This ensures that we give them the longest vase life that we can. We also pre-treat the water used with flower food to ensure the flowers stay fresh and bright all the time.

Hand prepared and elegantly wrapped with our beautiful cellophane paper, we ensure that your flowers are delivered just on time. Morning hours are our favorite. We provide same day deliveries for all orders made before 4pm(Kenyan Time). this ensures that you never miss out on that beautiful occasion. We always have you back.

We deliver your flowers far and wide all around the country. We have been to Mombasa, Malindi, Kisumu, Nanyuki, Nakuru. In many Places that we can no longer count. We have been everywhere, delivering flowers. We never have limits when it comes to distance.We always ensure we keep you connected.

You can never go wrong with us. We are, and still continue to be Nairobi’s Premier flower shop. We value each of the moment and dedicate to it unending effort to make it  just perfect.

Ever flower bouquet delivered by us leaves behind a story lived to be told. Send flowers today by visit our online website, passing by our shop, or even giving us a call. All our contact details are available here.

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Having been brought up by a family of florists in Nairobi, Kenya. The Author's passion for flowers has grown immensely over the years. He has dedicated his Resources in discovering how the sector works.

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