Guide on Sending Flowers for Different Events Nairobi, Kenya


Everybody loves flowers, right?


Certainly, flowers offer very much in the way of spicing up events. Their irresistible appearances coupled with sweet fragrance are absolutely out of this world. However, finding the right flowers for delivering to a great event isn’t as easy as it seems, and requires careful planning to have things done the right way. Particularly, to seamlessly send flowers to Nairobi, Kenya, there are some things you should strive to do right in the background to make sure it’s a stress-free process.


Have a scoop at the foolproof tips on delivering flowers to different events in Nairobi:


Date and Venue


First things first; the date and venue of the event should atop your list of priorities before starting off the process of flower-delivery. A great way to do this is reaching out to the clients prior, so you have an idea of when and where the event will take place. With an overview of such important information, you’ll be way ahead of the curve when it comes to selecting flowers that perfectly fits into the venue’s atmosphere. Also, knowing the venue ahead of time will give you a timely opportunity to familiarize yourself with the people there as well as the environment.

Choice of Flowers

There’s nothing as mind-exhausting as delivering flowers to your longtime crush, only to realize that you made the wrong choice, and worse off, you’ve ruined what was to be a magical day. Not only will you run the risk of losing your newly acquired clients, a dangerous word about your poor services may spread around town as well. The good thing is; you can prevent this devastating happening by making the perfect bouquet choice that aligns with your client’s preference as well as the color theme of the event.


Of course, to set your services apart, you’ll have to personally ask your clients the bouquet varieties that interest them and after weighing the scales, spoil them with a heaven-like bouquet combination. In fact, some places in the venue may require more flowers than other places. For instance in a wedding event people may spend around 4-6 hours dancing their hearts out at the reception, liaise with the wedding organizer to color the place with a cocktail of flowers. Don’t deliver geranium when in all reality, the newlyweds would love rose flowers.

Here are more ideas on flower delivery to wedding events In Nairobi



A well-decorated Isle sets the pace for a great wedding event ahead. Therefore, you’ll have to predominantly select an eye-catching color combination that will go hand in hand with the laid-out red carpet. To make things easier, try imagining the appearance of the isle and you’ll place the right bets.



If you’re sending flowers to a church wedding, don’t forget to overstretch your ability to style up. Once you’re aware of the church-size as well as its draping, you’ll automatically know the flower combination to send out. To have a feel of the experience, you can walk through the isle during the wedding eve to confirm that your creative buds were totally on-point.


Bridal Flower Bouquet


The bridal party naturally centers the wedding event. Since it’s at the core, making it lively and colorful is a wonderful way to give the overall wedding event a refreshing feel. Keeping in mind what they prefer, you can deliver fresh and well-packed flowers to the bridal bouquet. Also, since the bridal bouquets can be enjoyed before and after the wedding, the flowers should be highly durable so their blossom doesn’t trail off.


Also, an African style may work just fine for a team-building event at work. Large vases to hold the precious flowers will perfectly work in your favor .On the other hand, for a birthday event, flowers with colors that resonate the birthday cake will hugely spice up the day.

Cost Estimates

The world actually revolves around money. Nearly everything you’ll do while delivering the flowers right from the start to the end will involve money. For that reason, it’s prudent to pause for some time, so you can estimate the costs of the whole delivery process. With the required costs in mind, you won’t be slammed with the heart-wrenching reality of extra-costs after successfully locking a deal with your favorite clients.


Remember that importing flowers abroad mean you’ll have to incur shipping costs. To evade this, you can contact local vendors around to save some cash. While, it’s important to consider the costs of the specific bouquets, don’t forget the distance. You can take some time to estimate the transport costs. Also, always fit into your clients’ budget so you don’t strain their pockets.


Study the Trends


Whilst, most people are totally immersed in the trend-craze, some aren’t bothered at all. When it comes to flowers delivery in kenya therefore, don’t just blindly go about the activity without keeping pulses with what’s momentarily trendy. Try to peer into the minds of the event organizers to-be by asking them whether they would love to stay afloat with what ticks at the time or they’d love to stir their creative juices a little, by trying something new and unexpected. Moreover, surfing the internet and especially social media platforms will get you informed on what’s trendy.




Flowers are very delicate. In that sense, recommended preservation techniques are highly required so you don’t make grievous losses. If you have no idea on how best to preserve the flowers, you can make a hasty point of toggling through google in search for relevant information so you have a smooth experience transporting the flowers to their destination. That way, you’ll save tons of cash and energy.


Go Seasonal

Going seasonal is yet another amazing way to send flowers to Nairobi. It’s actually a creative way to set the season’s mood ablaze in line with the ongoing wedding event. For instance, for a wedding event that takes place during the Christmas season, choosing santa-like colors including red and white brightens the whole experience. However, always take characteristic caution as not all clients love conforming to the seasonal trends.


Wrapping Up


With the roundup information, you’re definitely up a notch with regards to the best techniques on flower delivery in Kenya. The greatest secret lies in understanding the preferences of your clients before swinging in some creative twists. Time is also of the essence, so remember to always do things in time. Once you put these golden tips into consideration, the tide will obviously flow your way.