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Mzurrie Flowers

Mzurrie Flowers

Mzurrie Flowers

Of all flower growers in Kenya, Mzurrie Flowers notably stands out among all. With it’s main specialty being roses, the company is powered by its four farms namely, Winchester farm, Maji Mazuri Farm, Molo River Roses and its newest baby, Bahati farm in Karen.

Mzurrie Flowers also prides itself with over 22 varieties of roses under propagation. This gives it quite a big margin compared to other farms countrywide. The species includes both Standard roses and spray roses.

The four farms are centrally managed to ensure top performance and top quality which the farm is greatly renowned for, over a long period of time.

Led by its Marketing Manager, Ms. Irene Njeru, the group of farms the farm enjoys its high ranking in the fresh-cut flower industry in Kenya. Ms. Njeru, day to day role is to instill and expand this mission whereas incorporating more clients in the direct market and also on the Flower Auctions In Europe and other countries. While doing all this, she ensures that the product that reach its widespread clientele is top-notch keeping their customers happy every single day.

[T]he farm has 72 Ha of land under production in various parts of the country. Its  farms are strategically located within various altitudes to promote all-year-long production.

Among the 72 ha of rose production, The Winchester Farm is located in the uplands Of Karen, Kenya, altitude of 1830 Meters above sea level and with 9Ha under rose production alongside a propagation unit of 2400M producing over 3.5 million plants a year.

On the other side of the region the company hosts Maji Mazuri farm. Located 50 Kms west of Eldoret at an altitude of 1950M  above the sea level. This farm has 30 Ha of its land under production.


[I]t is considered the largest producer among the four farms growing some of the most sought after rose varieties including Deep Water roses, Taccazzi, Taiga pink, Bellerose and Red Ribbon Varieties.

Mzurrie flowers, Molo River Roses farm, is Located 30 Km Northwest of Lake Nakuru. At an Altitude of 1750 Meters above Sea level, the farm has its 17.5 Ha under rose production.


One of my favorite product, Fireworks Spray Variety as showcased by Mzurrie flowers during The IFTEX Exhibition In Nairobi, kenya

[T]here is a plan to expand this farm to 27Ha from its current position to make it the second-largest of its flower farm under the arm. The farm hosts various variety of its beautiful roses including Deepwater, Hot Blood, Candle Light and Aqua Pink.It also grows our favorite spray rose variety Known as Fireworks  favorite among our florists. It never disappoints. It always leaves a dashing beauty in every bouquet it is used in.

This farm stands out with use of Modern Techniques of crop husbandry. This includes control of radiation using light screens and humidity by use of humidifiers. The practice puts the company ahead of competition ensuring continuous flower production throughout the year, even when this conditions are not naturally provided by the climate.

Different people admire different products showcased by the Mzurrie team during the IFTEX 2015 In Nairobi.

Out of the growing demand for their products, the farm decided to expand its production and since establishing a new farm under its league known as Bahati Farm. The farm has since started production from February 2016. [U]nder its 10 ha, it hosts 10 greenhouses which are 1 Ha each. This is stipulated to increase the total production of Mzurrie flowers at 18%. With time officials are planning to expand the farm to 30Ha or more as confirmed to by The General Manager of Winchester Farm, Mr.Raphael Mulinge.

[T]he farms always ensures they promote sustainability in all their production processes. This includes the recycling of water used, construction of wetlands and Use of Biological Integrated Pest Management Systems. One of these includes use Predatory Mites to fight Harmful Spider Mites. This method is Ecologically Sustainable and also plays a major reducing the cost of controlling the pest using the expensive pesticides.


The farm also have adverse Tree re-planting programs which are carried within the farms and around the surrounding communities.

This trees are issued free of charge to the farm workers, to schools and to the farm neighbors to encourage the practice.

[T]he farms also has 966 workers both permanent and casuals distributed across its four farms. This number keeps growing with the expansion of its operations. Much of this labor, both skilled and unskilled is mainly sourced from the communities around.

Mzurrie flowers is also adversely involved in community projects such as building of schools around the areas they operate in.

Mzurrie flowers stands out from the rest through their programs which support the education of its employees. They offer scholarship to the bright and needy children to ensure their lives and education go on unaltered. This children are also given a chance to work in the farm and apply their knowledge whenever they complete their studies.

[W]orking and staying near the farms is also a great benefit among the residents. The farm management ensures that its workers get access to basic commodities in Shops established by Mzurrie flowers. The items in the shops are offered at a  subsidized cost to ensure they get to each and every one.

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Mzurrie team interact with clients during the IFTEX 2015 in nairobi, Kenya

Services such as Mpesa, A mobile money transfer service in Kenya is brought closer to the communities through projects established by the Company. This allows both the workers and their families send and receive money and connect to the rest of the world with ease.

With the farm growing, It is always looking for ways to conserve the environment better. This includes plans to invest in Green energy and Waste water treatment as mentioned by one of its Managers, Mr. Mulinge

[M]zurrie flowers will be present at this year IFTEX  flower showcase. Make sure you visit them by clicking  and making your reservation here. the exhibition will open doors on June 8 to june 10th as from 10 am at Oshwal Center Nairobi.