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Iftex 2018 Nairobi

Iftex 2018 Nairobi


The business world revolves around two critical principles: exposure and networking. Apparently, this philosophy fits into the flower business as well.

Such golden opportunities reside in exclusive events or well-organized expos that connect like -minded individuals pursuing a particular course. As such, when it comes to the flower industry, The Annual International Flower Trade Flower Expo (IFTEX) offers the one-in-a-million opportunity for florists, flower buyers and Growers to connect with other players to support each other and share invaluable information.

On Wednesday June 13, flower enthusiasts headed to Oshwal Center in Nairobi, Kenya for the 7th edition of IFTEX. The event is aimed at bringing together flower growers from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

The Chief Guest of honor was Dr. Kiptoo, the Kenyan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He appreciated all the key players for making significant contributions to Kenya’s export economy

The Red Petals Florists Clinch a High-End Contract

As The Red Petal Florists, we graced the event as one of the key players in the flower industry. With a vast experience of over 10 years in the flower industry, we firmly believe we have what it takes to move things up a notch-and onto the next level.

Having dealt in flowers for years, we pride in offering high quality, value-oriented services to our customers. Our constant philosophy is value. At the event, we were selected to offer flower design and arranging services to AAA Growers, with whom we have closely worked for over 2 years.

The mind-blowing news is that our contract was extended for 3 more years. Therefore, we’re looking to making more contributions to the flower industry.

Winning Teams

The event involved an exciting competition for the participants-categorized into 4 slots: Perishables, Non Perishables, Cut Flowers and Roses. After thorough deliberations, the winning teams were singled out and publicly awarded.

Here’s the lowdown:

Category of Perishables:

In the Perishables category, Fontana/Black Tulip carried the day with the Platinum medal. Omang & Amor/ Decofresh went home with gold, Silver for Subati and finally, Oserian clinched the bronze medal.

Category of Non-Perishables:

Top performers in the Non-Perishables category with best Stand Designs were: Royal Flora Holland, Elgon Kenya Ltd and Platinum, Panalpina, and Afrex/Cargolite.Their prizes were platinum, gold, silver and bronze respectively.

Cut Flowers

The Cut Flowers category included winners of the Best Grower Quality.Bronze bounced off to gypshophila Cosmic of Tropiflora(Fontana), silver for Trophy of Flora Delight Ltd, gold for Alstroemeria White Pears of Batian Flowers and finally, the Standard Rose Tiara of Uhuru Flowers gracefully took away the Platinum medal.


sesIn the Roses Category,The Standard Rose Beyond Zero of Fontana clinched the bronze medal, silver for the garden rose Charming Lady of Oserian, Gold for Standard Rose Crimson Sky of Fontana and once again, the Standard Rose of Uhuru Flowers carried the day with Platinum.

Event Timelines

Every year, buyers from all over the world flock into the event to purchase and make deals of the high-quality flowers. The Event is aimed at advancing the floriculture industry. Also,exciting competitions are organized to single out the best growers and breeders from the myriad of participants.

The event takes place for three days; from 9:00 AM to 6 pm .Following tentative estimates, the total number of visitors ranged from 20,000-50,000 while exhibitors were around 500.The particular location was Westlands, Nairobi. The Expo accommodated around 211 companies from Kenya and beyond our shores-including China.

In addition to integrating flower growers and buyers from all across the globe, IFTEX aims at integrating Government Leaders and Industry Stakeholders to conduct in-depth, strategic discussions for the betterment of the floricultural industry. When the Government comes into the picture, it can oversee-and even support the floriculture industry.

Export Statistics (After Minister’s Speech)

According to latest Government data, the flower export industry has maintained a steady growth curve over the past few years. In particular, the number of cut flower exports rose from 133.65MT in 2016 to 159.96MT in 2017.

Also, Cut flowers registered a 16% value increment in 2017 compared to 2016.More precisely, cut exports valued at $810 million were exported to the United States in 2016 while a total of $700 million in value was successfully exported in 2017.

Fruit exports, on the other hand, marked an impressionable 23% growth value between 2016 and 2017. Generally, Kenya’s earnings from horticulture rose by 12.8 % in 2017. The earnings hit the $1.14 billion mark from cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Besides tea, horticulture hugely contributes to Kenya’s foreign exchange earnings.

Nakuru and Thika County are best known for practicing large-scale horticultural farming. Usually, fruits, vegetables, and flowers are exported from these areas.

The previously recorded statistics seem to augur well for the coming years. In-fact with an active Government, it’s just a matter of time before remarkable results are realized. Therefore, this year’s results are expected to surpass 2017’s export value.

AAA Growers

Our contract with AAA Growers is highly beneficial for a number of reasons. First, AAA Growers is among the leading exporters of flowers to outer markets including Great Britain, Germany Netherlands, and the Middle East. That said; the company is significantly reputable with numerous accolades and credibility.


We are very excited to extend our working relationship for yet another 3 years to keep refreshing the world with beautiful flowers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue serving the community to the best of our ability.

About The Red Petal Florists

As the name suggests, we’re indeed flowery. In everything we do, we strive to attain the highest possible standards.

Why Us?

In order to offer our customers top-notch services, we stick to a set of core values that direct our daily endeavors. However, depending on your interests, we can tailor the plan to satisfactorily fit into your needs. So, if you choose us, rest assured you’ll come sprinting back for more.

Our Services

We have a catalog of services aimed at offering high value to customers. Our versatile team can arrange flowers for various events including Birthdays, Graduations and Corporate Events.

Same Day Delivery of Flowers

We’re specialists in same-day delivery services. Regardless of your location, we can deliver flowers right to your doorstep. Once you furnish us with all the information we need and, we’ll deliver the package to your preferred destination.

Styling and Décor

If you’re short of creative ideas yet you’re pacing up with strict deadlines, we’ll come to your rescue. Within reasonable timelines, we’ll bring your wild styling and décor imaginations to life.

Accessory Hire

Accessory Hire is yet another critical service we offer. We rent our accessories to other businesses in need of resources. It’s an integral part of our strategy to serve the society in a meaningful way.

Here are the benefits of working with us:


Quality is our mantra. It’s our done-to-death principle. In everything we do, we’d love to put smiles all over our customers’ faces. Diligent and consistent efforts makes it achievable. But we can’t offer quality services without a hint of our customers’ desires and expectations.

Therefore, to serve you accordingly, we’ll need more than just a hint. We’ll coax you with a string of questions so we understand exactly what you need. If you’d want us to help you come up with creative ideas, no worries. Our highly qualified team of florists will readily swing in some brilliant ideas.


As adage provides: “time is money”. In that sense, therefore, we don’t want to vaporize your valuable time. So, once you present your order, we’ll act as fast as cheetahs! Regardless though, depending on various factors like location and personal preferences, we may flexibly adjust the timelines to best suit your interests.Don’t second guess. You can count on us.

Utmost Dedication

A team of highly qualified, talented and diligent team makes up The RED Petal Florists. The florists works round the clock to ensure your desires are succinctly met. Since you’re our greatest priority, we’ll strive to serve you with utmost dedication. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll promptly respond.


In the conventional sense, flexibility and compromise are somewhat similar. As the Red Petal Florists, we clearly understand the little nuance between the two words. Once we receive orders, we don’t compromise.

Rather,we can flexibly adjust our services to blend in to your interests. We are open to correction. Therefore, anytime you feel like letting some displeasure off your chest, don’t hold it back. As The RED Petal Florists our job is to understand your concerns so we quickly correct the situation.

The RED Petal Florists is located at Lagos House, Monrovia Street, Nairobi Kenya next to Salvation Army Opposite Riverside car Hire.If you’re interested in any of our services, don’t hesitate to call or email us as soon as possible. Our florists and planners will promptly respond.


This year, IFTEX has been a success. It has connected many players in the floriculture industry, enhanced network systems and provided opportunities to many. We heartily enjoyed the event and look forward to taking part in more events in the near future. Such events offer immense value to both businesses and customers. In fact, since the Government endorsed and appreciated the floriculture industry, we believe that better things are yet to happen. Indeed, floriculture plays a key role in the economy.