Need a good flower shop In Nairobi? The Red Petal Florists are the go-to florists.

Let me dare you…

The clock is mercilessly ticking while the sun is rising steadily. Your long-awaited event is finally here. You promised your dear guests heaven on earth, but as time goes by; you don’t have any flowers to show for it.

Your heartbeat increases; threatening to pop out of your chest, as your eyes glance around hoping to catch the slightest sight of attractive flowers. The distance between you and the nearest flower shop in Nairobi is unthinkably long, so you feel like the earth should break apart and swallow you.flower-shops-nairobi

You’re drained, stressed out and totally worked up.

But, what if a reliable friend could solve all heart wracking problems?

Well, we The Red Petal Florists are that reliable friend. We can deliver flowers right to where you are.

Guess what?

The kind of high-level beauty that flowers flash around is incomparable. The flowers we deliver include lilies, sunflowers and roses just to mention but a few. Their natural, alluring color cocktails are undeniably matchless. Yet, shockingly, they’re natural.

As the Red Petal Florists, we can bring your deepest desires to life. Our actions and remarkable track record speaks for itself. So, if you’re grappling with a troubling idea of either sending or purchasing flowers, we’ve got your back.

As things currently stand, there are countless flower shops in Kenya. Therefore, our mission isn’t only being another little speck of dust, but a meaningful and resourceful flower shop as well.

Roll on to figure out why we are the leading flower shop in Nairobi.

Reliable Team

Arguably, reliability is a strong term. It’s actually difficult to attribute such words to yourself if you aren’t sure of your outlook to the outside world. Regardless though, the heartfelt testimonials of some of our customers confirm the narrative. They not only expressed their honest satisfaction verbally but felt compelled to transpose their kind sentiments into words as well. Such positive reviews clearly evidence our consuming passion for excellence in providing nothing short of top-notch quality services. Also, our fiery spirit for exceptional performance won’t go off anytime soon.flower-shops-nairobi

We are always ready to flexibly adjust our services in order to suit your desires. Further, our highly dedicated team works tirelessly to meet our customers’ needs. You’ll never be turned down with demoralizing treatment or insults by any of our teammates. Rather, expect a warm welcome and dignified treatment all through. Our philosophy vouches for kindness as a solid foundation upon which successful business activities can be conducted. Not forgetting, anytime you feel like letting some things off your chest, just hit that call button. We’ll promptly respond.


Quite simply, if value isn’t at the core of our conversation; we would obviously be tinkering around mindless drudgery. And we don’t want to waste your valuable time and effort. So, whether you’d want to have us deliver flowers to your targeted recipient, rest assured that we will responsibly handle everything on your behalf. Imagine you’ve just ordered for lilies; then a few hours later, you’re bashed by the skin-prickling reality that they can’t be delivered on time and that the lilies are out of stock. Of course, you’d feel like tearing apart the sender, right?


The good news is: we won’t let you get to such harrowing levels. Our professional, highly qualified team of florists is always ready to serve you exceptionally. All you have to do is reach us with the necessary details, and we will quickly spring forth to action. We firmly believe that the concept of value broadly spreads all across our business operations. This equally applies to florists, drivers, and transporters alike. The idea is creating a friendly atmosphere for our customers.

Customer Centric Services

You, the customer are at the top rung of our company ladder. Everything we do revolve around our esteemed customers. We strive to serve our customers much better every time. Flexibility eases the process all through. While we stick to some core values that direct our business operations, we can readily adjust them to fit into your desires. So, when ordering for flowers, don’t hesitate to clearly point things out. Remember to mention the colors you prefer as well as the exact timelines you’d want us to deliver them.flower-shops-in-nairobi

We also believe in speedy services. Time is invaluable, and we can’t imagine wasting your irreplaceable time. We have well-organized transport systems that help facilitate our movements around town. In particular, our well-fitted motorcycles can transport your precious flowers right to your doorstep. It’s not a far-flung idea. If you need flower delivery services in Nairobi, all you have to do is reach out and we’ll take care of the rest.

The smooth payment systems also reflect our well-organized systems. We will save you the teeth-gnashing experience while trying to remit the money. We accept payment in multiple forms. You may use MPESA, Visa, Mastercard and Airtel Money. And once you send the money, just sit back and wait for things to unfold. You’ll marvel all the way through.

Growth Orientation

We strive to foster a growth-oriented attitude among our team. While this sounds cliché-like; we do strictly value growth. Consider this: company x starts off humbly and grows just as steadily as most companies do; but as they begin enjoying tremendous success, a snotty attitude sets in. The huge money stacks intoxicate the entire team from the bottom up to the point of sidelining the customers. Soon afterward, the customers begin feeling unworthy and eventually decide to terminate any relationships they had with their business then shockingly, the entire empire tumbles down with a resounding

Certainly, nobody would wish such things to happen to them. That’s the primal reason why we rigidly believe in constant growth. Humility and the learning spirit form the bedrock of our company values. Nothing sounds as encouraging to our ears as honest and constructive criticism straight from our customers. Our treasure lies in understanding our customer’s need so we work from a well-informed position. Customers are always free to swing in their general views about our conduct and business operations. That serves as our guiding light in our daily business undertakings. We’re always ready to learn something new; even if it will hurt sometimes. As long as the end goal is bright, we are ready to totally sacrifice in the interest of our customers.

Solid Experience

In retrospect, we have indeed come a long way. Our company has actively served customers for over 10 years. We understand the flower business dynamics. We’re not saying all this to brag or flaunt our hard-earned achievements, but to prove that we have what it takes to professionally serve you. The point is; asides from merely building castles in the air, we believe that we can professionally serve our customers. In fact, we have had the glorious opportunity to snag lucrative contracts with top players like the AAA growers. Needless to say, we do spice up our invaluable experience with three more components: imagination, skills, and knowledge.

“While notable experience is hands down important, there’s much more to it. Skills, knowledge, and imagination blend in to form a noble combination. A pattern that guarantees our esteemed customers high-quality and satisfactory service delivery”

If you’re a huge fan of unexpected stunts, you’re in the right place. We are a leading flower shop in Nairobi.


Obviously, it’s mind-boggling to put a lot of time and effort into acquiring flowers and lose them at the end of the day. That’s the reason why you should carefully select a reputable florist company that invests in the security of your flowers. We are a certified, legal privy company. That said; you can trust us with your hard earned money. We’ll optimally use our resources to facilitate the safety of your vibrant, colorful flowers. We are totally committed to fulfilling our end of the bargain. We always ensure that we take care of our contractual obligations.

Right after contacting us, sit back and wait for remarkable results. We will send the flowers to your place in Nairobi. It’s as easy as munching down your favorite snack. Plus, we understand that we can’t be always perfect. Sometimes things can go awry. But don’t fret. We’ll let you know in case of any inconveniences so you organize yourself in advance. Also, we strive to handle any inconveniences caused. So, if you need any flower delivery services in Nairobi, just hit that call button. We’re here to serve you.

Parting Shot

At this point, you’re obviously aware that flowers are irreplaceable assets for your great events. All you have to do is play your cards well and the tide will flow your way. We are in this business for the sole purpose of rendering exceptional services. And we can’t rest till we paint bright smiles all across your face. While it’s not as easy as it sounds, we understand the kind of effort, time and sacrifice required to make things work. We strive maintain and raise our standards as a leading flower shop in Kenya.  So, whether you’re organizing a birthday, wedding or team building events, feel free to contact us so we spark a meaningful discussion and set convenient dates to facilitate the flower delivery services in Nairobi.