Nothing brightens up a room like a vase of beautiful fresh flowers. Did you know, scientists have proven that flowers have a therapeutic importance. Knowing how to keep the blooms for longer is a thing, not known to many. It’s always everyone wish to do so though. As the best flower shop in Nairobi, we have compiled to you top notch flower care tips. This will greatly help you have the flowers for longer.Deciding either to push their death date. Closer or further all depends on you. And how well you practice this. We practice this each day. We have finally decided to give you a peek. Practice it word to word, and you qualify to join our club of expert flower care takers.IMG_0162

Tip 1.


Flowers take in quite a lot of water. The bigger the flower arrangement, the more the more the water it partakes. Science taught me that this has to do with the total surface area of the uptake. Plants need this constant supply to help keep their cells turgid. Loss of water on the leaves through transpiration requires constant replacement to avoid wilting. This forms the base of the physiological process behind it. The Water Cycle.

My little science aside, it is always important to replenish the water used frequently. I always insist. Keep the water level at the brim. Always.

This is for the formal arrangements. Those made on a certain green spongy foam by the florists usually referred to as a floral foam or oasis.

Changing water on this type of arrangement involves tilting  your vase at an angle, in the sink preferably, and pouring the existing water and replacing it by pouring water on top of the flowers till the vase is full again.

For the arrangements made up of hand tied bunch, in a vase, for instance a bouquet of roses, you should always ensure that you change the water in it every 2-3 days, always restocking with fresh water.B122_1024x1024

Changing the water ensures that you minimize the bacteria build up. On most cases, this bacteria makes the water look murky and green from a distance. Sometimes its accompanied by a harsh rotten smell coming from water that has stayed for quite some time before changing. This often is a result of the bacteria action on the stem or submerged leaves. Always remove the submerged leaves as they will only contribute to the rotting.

Keeping it a routine to change your water will always keep you at ease.


Tip 2.

Your second tip involves Trimming the flowers.A107_1024x1024

Hand tied flowers should be trimmed before adding or returning them into water. This on most cases involves using a sharp blade such as a knife or scissors and cutting 2 cm up from the base.

You may also need to trim your flowers if they have probably been kept out of water for some time. Either while travelling with them from the flower shop, or after a delivery in the office. Trimming ensures that you remove the dead cells at the base of the stem replacing them with some new fresh cells. Ensuring efficient water uptake by the flowers. Trimming also helps remove clogged flower stems, which on most cases happens at the base.


Tip 3.


You should always ensure you keep your flowers are kept away from direct heat or bright sunlight. At most cases flowers places at the window. This conditions are however favorable to potted plants. With the fresh cut flowers the conditions favorable are however different. Direct heat and sunlight is made to fasten up the maturity of a plant. Exposing this condition to your flowers will make them bloom faster hence creating a shorter vase life.

Flowers and flower arrangements should be kept on a cool place and not on the window. Where they might be vulnerable to such conditions.


Tip 4.

I always find it awkward to place flowers in the same a bucket or in a vase without washing it first.

Doing this means you are bringing back to life, the bacteria that killed your previous blooms. And has  no Exception, even if your vase was dry. Addition of water revives the bacteria to life again, hence always so important to wash your Vase with soapy water scrubbing it all over to eradicate the pre-existing bacteria. I always do the same with my flower buckets before refilling them with a new stock of flowers.


Tip 5.

Whenever you order a bouquet at The RED Petal Florist, we always attach two sachets of  flower food on the side.

The flower food is meant to be added to the water before placing your beautiful blooms in the solution.

The same happens to all vase arrangements ordered from us. We always ensure we attach enough, to keep you going. The water used while making your flowers, is at all times pre-treated to ensure you flowers stay healthy and strong all time through. We are simply florists with a difference. Florists Like none other in Nairobi, Kenya

Flower food is a chemical component containing microbicide used to inhibit the growth of microorganisms in your water. It also contains typically “food” for the flowers. Thus making them look and be stronger hence surviving for longer. This is on most cases provided by us in form of sachets or small cans, depending on scale of use and is added to the water as per the instructions on the label.

Only florists that care about the life of your flowers that will ensure you never get flowers from them without accompanying flowers food with. That is why we are always the peoples choice when it comes to flowers. We treat you better than no one else.

Flower_Delivery_Nairobi (12 of 16)What happens if you find yourself with beautiful looking flowers, with no flower food. Here is our secret.

When it comes to Flower food, making yours can be as simple as mixing a teaspoonful of sugar, 2 teaspoonful of lemon juice and 1 tablespoonful of bleach, all mixed with a quarts of warm water. The bleach in the solution  helps maintain your water clear by killing the microorganism causing the sludge. Its also very important to note that, not all types of flower food works on all types of flowers`. There is flower food for roses and other for the lillies. But with time, experts have come with a formulation to cater for all. Universal flower food. This is what you find us attaching on most flowers leaving our shop. On all our mixed flower bouquets.


Got still some more tips for you. More important ones so to say.

As I said earlier, it’s always important to cut your flowers when putting them in  fresh water. 2 cm up, from the base of the stem


Tip 6.

While performing this important ritual , always ensure that you use sharp tools. I prefer using sharp scissors. Using blunt blades smashes up the cells at the base hence reducing the efficiency of water uptake. In the opposite, sharp scissors ensures a smooth cut. This should be done at an angle. Cutting the flowers at an angle ensures that more cells hence a bigger surface area is exposed.


Most florists will never tell you this. Better listen even more carefully. It is always advisable to  use warm water on the flowers. This is because the  warm water contains less oxygen in it. Meaning that you risk less having oxygen bubbles trapped at the base of the stem, which would in turn hinder the water uptake to the flowers.


I would imagine more of a world without flowers. Wrong care of the flowers makes me sad. Hope you do it better, this time.