Best Flowers for Mother’s Day in 2019

Mothers are priceless treasures, right?

Their titillating personality mix of love, care and compassion are way beyond human understanding. Most interestingly, when things go awry, mothers will go out of their way to help their kids. Considering their immense love, it’s obviously impossible to reward mothers for their unconditional love and sacrifices.


The good thing is: as Mother’s Day is slowly setting in, don’t fret if you’d like to smite your mom with a memorable gift. There’s something special that can soothe mothers beyond their wildest imaginations. And although flowers can’t totally match their incomparable beauty, they’ll certainly paint a wide smile all across their faces.

Guess what?

Flowers will perform the magic, honest! Mums find flowers lovely. Once you fish it out, she can’t help but pour out her happy emotions. As the Red Petal Florists, we are fully committed to offering you the best flowers.

This Mothers day, we have Unmatched Flower Delivery Service. Bringing Smiles and Joys To Mums All across The Country.

Read on to find out more about mother’s day flowers…

History of Mother’s Day

Today, Mother’s Day is a familiar term. It’s a day set aside to honor mothers all over the world for their love and sacrifices towards their children. The occasion is two-pronged: with ancient and modern traces. Firstly, the occasion traces its origin to the ancient Greek festival. In retrospect, it took place between 15th and 18th March. The occasion was celebrated in honor of the Greek mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea

The conventional story of the occasion—on the other hand—has its twists and turns. The western culture harks back to the 19th century when Julia Ward Howe tried to root for a mother’s day with a view to promoting peace by calling for disarmament and conflict resolution. Quite simply, she drew her idea from Jarvis, an Appalachian homemaker who started out Mother’s Work Days.

Her aim was to improve sanitation in the face of civil war. Later, after Anna Jarvis’ death, her daughter followed in her footsteps by creating a day in honor for mother’s day which was first celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia on 10th May. The custom then spread fast to over 45 other states and by 1912, several states had declared the day an official holiday. In fact, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially announced the first National celebration of Mother’s day.

In recent times, Mother’s Day presents the opportunity to appreciate mothers all over the world. People enjoy the occasion by purchasing wonderful gifts for their beloved mums. And while gift cards and painted cakes do just fine, flowers come in handy as well. This is where the flowers come into play. It’s a time when people can shower their mums with alluring bouquets of flowers.

Guide to choosing flowers for mother’s day

Choosing flowers can be downright challenging if you’re totally unaware of your mum’s desires. Imagine heading out to a nearby flowers shop, buying a bouquet of beautiful flowers—and rushing home excitedly only to be bashed by a sharp, soul-lacerating look from your mum. You, of course, don’t want to experience such stingy moments. Therefore, before taking the leap to purchase flowers, it’s important to stop still and think about your target flowers before swinging into action.

Types of flowers available

Mothers prefer flowers in variable levels. Some of the flowers mums love includes carnations (favorite flowers of Anna Jarvis’ mother), orchids, peony, roses, and lilies. While most mums may love red and white flowers, there’s a good chance that many others would kill for pink flowers as well. So, if you’re caught in between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out the best flower vase, worry no more.


Here are a few things to consider while making your purchase decision:

  • Figure out her favorite colors

Glance around the house for common colors. If you’re unable to effectively discern your mother’s favorite colors using this strategy, scan through her accessories or utensils. Ideally, just scan everything around the house so you get a leading hint.

You can even reach out to your sister or her best friend. And in the event that you discover her favorite flowers, look no further. Just head straight to the flower shop and purchase them without second guessing. For instance, when you figure out that she loves red roses, don’t wheel in pink flowers. That way, you’ll cheat your way straight to her heart.

  • Quality

Quality is highly critical while making your decision. With many flower shops available, it’s hard to figure out one that can offer value for your money. Be sure to choose high-quality flowers that will last long. As the Red Petal Florists, we have a highly skilled team that can walk you through the decision making process.

  • Timing

By all means, avoid the last minute rush. A surefire way to get your mum pissed off is showing up late with flowers. No matter how alluring they appear, she won’t be as happy as she would be if you showed up earlier. Mornings are ideal because the flowers would not only be fresh, but you’ll have the chance to brighten up your mum’s day as well. This one mistake would tarnish all your efforts to spice up your mum’s day. It’s better to put much thought into this.

Care for Mother’s Day Flowers

When you’ve already bought your mum’s flowers, it’s important to care for them before finally delivering them. Be sure to do what it takes to keep them fresh and healthy particularly if you’re yet to deliver it to your mum.mothers-day-flowers

  • Refrigeration

When it comes to flowers, preservation is vital. It’s a simple way to keep your flowers fresh. Before going to bed at night, be sure to place the flowers in the refrigerator. It’s advisable to leave them there for at least eight hours.

  • Regular Watering

Pour a quart of water into the flower vase. Similar to other plants, flowers also require water to survive. Additionally, water also prevents the entry of bacteria into the flower space. This not only helps keep the flowers fresh, but healthy as well. Plus, you can store your flowers for a few days and when you finally present it to your mum; she will think that you just bought it a minute ago.

  • Keep them in a Cool Place

Right after purchasing the colorful flowers, ensure you keep them away from direct sunlight. Likewise, avoid home appliances that generate a lot of heat as well. Once you do this, rest assured that your flowers will stay fresh and radiant all the way through.

  • Flower Food

If there’s still a lot of time left before reaching your mum, things will still work in your favor. Asides from watering and cleaning the flower vase often, be sure to get flower food for your blooming plants. This helps maintain their health and fresh state as the clock ticks by. In fact, you’ll be shocked at how things will turn out positively once you’re finally ready to deliver your flowers. Besides flower foods you may also use vinegar or copper coins to fight off bacteria and make the flowers last longer.


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Ending Off

Up the hills, down the valleys—and over the oceans, there’s nothing that’s as beautiful as radiant flowers. Their glistening and alluring nature stand unmatched unless they wilt. Therefore, if you’re still grappling with unpleasant thoughts on how best to soothe your mother’s heart, you have your answer. However, just ensure to keep in mind all the other factors so you don’t mess up the great day and end up regretting. You’ll definitely smite her heart beyond her wildest dreams!